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Wallstraße 2
73614 Schorndorf

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Schlussstein der Dr. Palm´schen Apotheke von 1979. Foto: FUA Palm

A "gem" is being refurbished

Local heritage in the heart of the Upper Lusatia region

Residential Building
Eichendorffstraße 17
02727 Ebersbach-Neugersdorf

The prominent house at the corner of Eichendorffstraße and August-Bebel-Straße was errected in 1906. It is part of the family heritage of our Founder PhD Maria Palm, née Krampf. Her mother Hertha was a born Hoffmann of a well-known family of local textile manufacturers. The region of Upper Lusatia in the very Eastern part of Germany was famous for its textile industries, especially fabrics for uniforms, but also early nylon stockings. Hard to imagine today, it was one of the most wealthy regions of Germany in the and century.

The Hoffmann Family itself never lived in the house. They resided in a mansion further down the road, that doesn´t exist anymore.

  • 1990: The building, that has been used for living so far, is rounious and empty.
  • 2006: The Palm-Foundation inherits the estate in order to restore the historical monument and preserve the local heritage. But the material is delapidated, suffers from dry rot and thus the project soon becomes questionable.
  • 2008: PhD Maria Palm dies without seeing the house restored.
  • 2014: Public grants of the municipal council and the EU enable the Foundation to restore the building in a comprehensive and enhancing way.
  • 2016: The building now offers 9 highly individual, senior-friendly flats. Balkonies and an elevator have been added. The neighbouring nursing and long-term care organisation offers its service for the inhabitants.


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