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... and today?

Latest news about our award-winners

They are outstanding personalities. They have visited us in Schorndorf and left permanent impressions. They are fighting for the basic right of free expression as freelancers, in editorial offices, in networks, in word and picture and deed, online and offline, with peaceful means. They have been risking their lives again and again for years, some of them a life long.

By awarding them with the Palm-Award, we show our esteem and appreciation for all their achievements.


How are our award-winners doing today? Has their situation changed and if yes, how?

We have not forgotten any of them. Here they report about their actual projects and the situation in their countries. An Update.



Seyran Ateş, Deutschland

Die Frau, die sich nicht vereinnahmen lässt

Asya Tretyuk, Belarus

Endlich wieder ein Lebenszeichen!

Nazeeha Saeed, Bahrain

Jung, flexibel, dynamisch - wider Willen

Alaa Al-Aswani, Egypt

It´s getting worse for us

Inès Lydie Gakiza, Burundi

Starting new in Rwanda - as a family


Pedro Matias Arrazola, Mexiko

Im Dauereinsatz für die Menschenrechte

Academics for Peace, Turkey

Peace activists under relentless fire

Salidjon Abdurakhmanov, Uzbekistan

Free at last - and full of beans

Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh, Iran

Influencing from her US-exile