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For Freedom Against Violence

Johann-Philipp-Palm-Award for Freedom of Speech and the Press

The award is endowed with 20,000 € and can be distributed to as many as three laureates (institutions or persons). It bears the name of Johann Philipp Palm, a historical role model in the struggle for freedom of speech and the press. The festive award-celebration is a public event and takes place every even year on the first Sunday in December.

The award bears the name of a family member of the Palm-Foundation´s founding family. Johann Philipp Palm (1766 - 1806) was a bookseller from Schorndorf based in Nuremberg. Schorndorf, where our Foundation still maintains its main office, is a town of about 40.000 inhabitants in Southern Germany. It looks back on a rich history of winegrowing, trading and industry. Over the centuries, it has moulded a self-confident civil society based on Christian ideals and principles.

In 1806, when large parts of Germany were occupied by the French under Napoleon Bonaparte, Palm printed and published the anonymousely written pamphlet "Germany in its deep humiliation". The book harshly criticised the Emperor´s imperial politics in the disguise of liberty as well as the collaboration of the German rulers with the military dictatorship for their own acquisition. Napoleon gave orders that the the pamphlets distributors - instead of the unkown author - stand trial before a French military court and be executed within twenty-four hours of a guilty verdict.

Palm was captured by French troops and brought to Braunau/ Austria. On 26 August 1806, Johann Philipp Palm, a citizen of a free city of the German Reich, in a time of peace, is found guilty by a French military court on Austrian ground in a mock trial. Within only three hours of the proceedings, he was was executed.


  • Do you  know a commendable person or organisation?
  • We will gladly accept well-founded nominations until 27 March 2020 in our main office in Schorndorf.
  • We will also help with gathering backgound information about your nominee before handing it in to the jury.


The Jury will decide on 16 May 2020.

Our special thanks go to the members of the Jury, our cooperation partners and our patron for their valuable support.

Cordial invitation to the festive award-celebration in our anniversary-year

on occasion of the 10. Johann-Philipp-Palm-Award for Freedom of Speech and the Press in the Palm-Foundation´s 25. year of existence.

  • on Sunday, 6 December 2020
  • 11 am - 1 pm, reception afterwards
  • in the Barbara-Künkelin-Hall in Schorndorf near Stuttgart, Germany


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