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© Wildfeuer, Wikimedia Commons: 2008-09-27SchorndorfMarktplatzPano068.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0
© Wildfeuer, Wikimedia Commons: 2008-09-27SchorndorfMarktplatzPano068.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0

Palm-Foundation: For Liberty against Violence


Our foundation is a non-profit organisation located in Schorndorf/ Germany. It was founded and legally registered in 1995. The initiators and donors of the foundation's capital were the pharmacists Maria and Johann-Philipp Palm.

Palm-Foundation is managed by an executive board of directors. It is controlled by a supervisory board. The general meeting of members holds guaranteed rights of co-determination. The head office in Schorndorf/ Baden-Wuerttemberg and a branch office in Dresden/ Saxony coordinate the projects and are glad to assist you in all respects.

Nominations for the Johann-Philipp-Palm-Award for Freedom of Speech and the Press are accepted now!

  • The award is endowed with 20,000 € and can be distributed to as many as three laureates (persons or institutes).
  • It bears the name of the book dealer Johann Philipp Palm (1766 - 1806), a historical role model in the struggle for freedom of speech and the press.
  • The festive award-celebration is a public event and takes place on Sunday, December 6 2020 in Schorndorf, Germany.


Do you know a commendable person or organisation? We will gladly accept well-founded nominations and help with background-research, too. Please, don´t hesitate to contact us!

Annette Krönert, Member of the Board of Directors

Bautzner Str. 45 - 47

D - 01099 Dresden

Tel.: +49 351 89 67 24 16



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